Around Southern Fishing Pier, St. Pete FL

Hello there;

About two weeks ago I went to Bradenton for the NMCA nationals, in my way back, pretty much any time I pass over this place stop by and make some photos, any ways, as I said before, stopped by, and YES, photography was the justification for the stop.

This is the place:

Map From Google Maps (

This is a nice place to stop, breath some fresh air, smell the sea and,…… of course take good photos of the sea greens/emerald greens/blues mixture. Here the ground view of the Google Areal View:

I did steal this candid to a person reading/meditating in front of the Magnanimous Sea, I call it that way because I really think it is, so powerful and kind in the same time, you practically can talk to it, and I think, like I called the shot, is the best medicine for depression.

Well let me show you the gallery, enjoy: