Aprilia is back in Town… at Barney’s.

Hello there,

Today we did a kind of drive/eat/window shopping kind of stuff and start in Barnery’s. Yesterday we rode over there and I saw the Aprilias, I have to say i was impressed, after two years they are back, and better than ever. Tuonos and RSV4s, such of beautiful bikes, so in the rush of today, we stop by and keep some good memories from this italian beasts.

So let me show you what I’am talking about:

This one here is the Aprilia Tuono 1000, a sick bike, take a look:

Well, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast, and like to support local businesses, now you now where to go to buy a nice looking bike, is not a common japanese, is an Italian Beauty….

Here the complete Gallery:

Saludos and Feliz Navidad!

Cesar Out.

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