Fire in the Office parking


What do you think about te mix of iPhone and WordPress?, well let me put it this way, The Perfect Marriage, this happened yesterday in my office parking lot, a car just got in fire, while the fire department bring it down to ashes.

Just a little detail of what you can do with a phone and wordpress;


Saludos y Buenas Noches;

Cesar Out

Cesar L. Diaz

Cesar Here!.... Information Technology run thru my vains from 8 - 5. When not at the Office I drive a Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Team Edition and a nice Photog Paraphernalia back pack (LowePro Dry Zone 200), inside ===> Nikon Cameras and lenses (Nikon D700, Nikon D300, Nikon F100) and many other tools, of course. Photography and Adventure are ingredients in my day to day life mixed with motorcycles and outdoor activities; and I do want to share My Experiences here with You.

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