Camaguey, CUBA… a Happy Recovery!

Hey Folks,

this collection of pictures from my hometown in Cuba, Camaguey, was a happy recovery, I can say that more than ever I do recommend Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, I did recover this photos from the thumbnails that the software create, and with a 24″ monitor, you can work your magic, I do know I can’t print large copies, but at least 8×10, and I good with that.

I lost close to 300 RAW files when transferring last day from the laptop to my hard drive, I don’t know what really happened, but realized that all my Camaguey Collection wasn’t in my backup folder over my Lacie Rugged 500GB portable Hard Drive.

Well, finally some results, now I can proudly show to you guys the place I grew up, If you are from Camaguey and reading this, just drop a comment and I will give you the complete collection FOR FREE!!! how ’bout that!

No more to say, the pictures here:

Ok guys time to go, hope you enjoy,

Cesar out!