Evolution in Motion…

Hey Folks,

Yes every picture has an evolution, sound weird but is true. About two weeks ago, we ( some guys who like to ride motorcycles ) went to the New WingHouse over Gulf to Bay and US 19, well the whole idea was to take a picture to send to another friend ( he is over Brasil now ) and let him know we are having a good time too. Well I don’t bring my camera that day and the shot was taken with a phone, let me show you how it looks:


Version I

Really bad, isn’t it?

Well, we decide to go again and make the same trick ( over WingHouse ), this time  new ideas, banner and pretty girls were the infrastructure to this result:

Evolution in Motion D300 and Nikon CLS

Evolution in Motion ~ D300 and Nikon CLS

Now we can say the whole evolution process was pretty good!

hope you have a great weekend!

Cesar Out!