Evolution in Motion…


Hey Folks,

Yes every picture has an evolution, sound weird but is true. About two weeks ago, we ( some guys who like to ride motorcycles ) went to the New WingHouse over Gulf to Bay and US 19, well the whole idea was to take a picture to send to another friend ( he is over Brasil now ) and let him know we are having a good time too. Well I don’t bring my camera that day and the shot was taken with a phone, let me show you how it looks:


Version I

Really bad, isn’t it?

Well, we decide to go again and make the same trick ( over WingHouse ), this time  new ideas, banner and pretty girls were the infrastructure to this result:

Evolution in Motion D300 and Nikon CLS

Evolution in Motion ~ D300 and Nikon CLS

Now we can say the whole evolution process was pretty good!

hope you have a great weekend!

Cesar Out!

Cesar L. Diaz

Cesar Here!.... Information Technology run thru my vains from 8 - 5. When not at the Office I drive a Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Team Edition and a nice Photog Paraphernalia back pack (LowePro Dry Zone 200), inside ===> Nikon Cameras and lenses (Nikon D700, Nikon D300, Nikon F100) and many other tools, of course. Photography and Adventure are ingredients in my day to day life mixed with motorcycles and outdoor activities; and I do want to share My Experiences here with You.

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