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What can I say about the weather this weekend, well it sucks, really sucks, Saturday was suppose to be a great day, but man, weather was terrible, I was planning on riding my Triple to Bradenton to photograph some action in the StuntWar event that ocurred over there, but guess what? Stuck in my house for the whole day, The Bradenton SpeedWay Website had that day a big sign saying the the Event is on hold until Sunday, I have no choice to stay here, listen some music, watch some movies and saying… @#*&^@(!^@!(*@#^@$%#^$#%$(@)!@_)+)!@! again and again and again …..

Sunday the Sun rise beautiful from the East, check the weather in the local Channel still 60% chance of rain though, get my gear and started driving south, no chances to ride on my bike during the weekend but see other riders do it.

The event started (I mean the riders/stunts) about 10 in the morning everything normal until close to mid day, rain AGAIN! seriously, WTF with this weather, I have to run to my car with all the gear covered with my rain suit. People were ok, different breeds I can say that:

Different kind of people assisted today, OH BOY!!!

Different kind of people assisted today, OH BOY!!!


Superb Ink

a Superb Ink!!!!!


Biker's Chicks

Bike's Chicks

Well, but is all about the Bikes, right??? I guess so. I captured close to a thousand shots, incredible machines with super skill stunts, let me show you what I am talking about:



In The air Trying to get on the Bike

In The air Trying to get on the Bike

See after all this stupid weather I can say that I am 75% happy, waiting for the next Stunt War over Lakeland FL, hope you visit my online Gallery to view the complete Serie of Stunt War at Bradenton Speedway.

Cheers everybody.

remember, enjoy photography, or stay home and be lame and Bored!


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