It’s all about the Adventure…

Yes it is, hey readers…

Well, like I said, it is all about the adventure, this weekend was all about that, I rode to Clearwater Beach, pretty good ride though, spent some time on the beach; and in our way back….. guest what….. WATER WATER EVERYWHERE……. I found myself in a rain of blazing drops of water, all over my face; hurts a lot, like beebees, we stop (I am talking WE, and I have to say that my buddy Orniel was riding too) at some parking, wait for about 45 min, when we left that place everything was wet, oil on the road make that beautiful colors like a rainbow, anyways, crossing Clearwater Bridge, by downtown, WATER AGAIN, this time we stop at some Gas Station for about an hour.

Weather is clean now, let’s go…. I said, we start the engines and cruise all over The Causeway about speed limit, getting close to Tampa we decided to go to another friends house, well, this is more than funny, we got wet again, this time SOAK, uffff even my ass was wet, yeah suck right!!!, well to make this history short, we ending at my place, my Triple was all dirty, and I was all tired, I can say, if Kim Kardashian were waiting for me in my apartment, I just pass her, (I think I got you there for a second, hahahah), naaaa the whole thing was got home, REST.

Saturday evening time for some photography, I drive over Saint Petersburg Downtown trying to photograph The Pier for my series of book, weather was bad too, so I only took several pictures of the Bayfront.

This is one of my fave, hope you like it:

Downtown St Pete
Downtown Saint Petersburg

Picture Information:
Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Sigma
Aperture: f/11
Exposure: 30 sec.
ISO SpeedRating: ISO 200
Camera on tripod.

Well, like I said before, It’s all about the Adventure, so get your stuff and hunt for some one.

Have a great evening and Super Good Light Hunting.


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