It is never a vacation Time!

Hey there;

Yes it is never a vacation time, when being a Cuban, you travel back to visit your family, my last trip was a disaster, my parents house after the big hurricane was leaking all over the place, concrete slabs poring water, walls of concrete block full of humidity and mole, I mean, was a disaster.

I have to talk about this because you always find good photography when you travel out of the country, back in that time, i hadn’t with me my gear (Nikon D300) and only using a Canon A540 could capture very decent pictures.

My Friend of Misery
Misery, You insist that the weight of the world Should be on your shoulders, Misery, There's much more to life than what you see, My friend of misery

This little fella show the good situation of animal services in the Island, animals like this just exist every fricking place, before was a place called ZOONOSIS, where animals like dogs and cats were bring to feed and cure, this is just a dream now.

Cab for Hire
Yellow Cab Services, Are you kiding me.....

Here you can see the public transportation, the only transportation that really guarantee that people move across the city, imagine this, for 1.00 CU Peso, = 0.0025 USD you can cross the city, now we pay more because we used this limousine for a private ride. was amazing really, I even forget the smell of a sweat from a horse.

For 20 years, we played together, grew up together and THEY still are doing stuff together, they aged really bad. I feel bad...

I have to say when you travel back to your origins, you find everything different, this guys were my friends when we were kids, we did a lot of stuff together, play baseball, hide and seek, soccer, knock on doors and run away (don’t tell anybody), now almost 30 years later, this guys; my old friends are aged, time doesn’t forgive in a land like Cuba, where you are expose to the Rays of Mr. Sun for almost all the time. this picture after 9 years of separation can talk by itself. Very Sad, but true!

The last picture I do want to share today is my Cousin’s PET, yeah a snake, a Boa Constrictor, a Cuban specie called Maja de Santa Mar簾a, my cousin, a named Vet Doctor had this baby since he was like 15 years old, now being 30 and counting, actually 36, he still take care of him, well this day was really bad because they were having babies, yeah baby snakes, this cause big trouble over the Science Academy in Cuba, never before this happened with this kind of snake in captivity. Imagine now, my cousin is a Revolution Hero, yes he finally get this done…… and no food for the Cuban people.

Check by yourself.

Boa Constrictor

Well I think this is the end for this history, hope you enjoy, weather is bad right now in Tampa, so time for a little cookin’

No more to say, just Have a good light hunting.


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