First Light in a 24x36mm sensor, FX is te way I roll!

Hello again; Just one, before bed time, I went out today (Feb 23, 2011) to field test my new 24x36mm sensor FX camera, hummmm, so good I  still can’t believe it!, check yourself for the details, the final product from this machine is just AMAZING! Here the rest of the pictures: pretty amazing isn’t it?, now […]

iPad Apps For Pro Photographers

A selection of apps that any professional with an iPad should think about getting By Tim Grey ~ The Apple iPad has become the must-have accessory for the tech-savvy and creative populace. It’s also incredibly useful for professional photographers. The Apple iPad is reinvigorating the tablet computer market, and for photographers, the potential goes […]

At John’s Pass, for only 50 minutes….

Yeah folks, for only 50 minutes, this kind of suck being John’s Pass such a great place to hang out, well, the problem has a simple solution, we had only coins for 50 minutes in the parking spot, so we decided to go fast and do our stuff, The whole idea came to my mind […]

Vertigo… West Tampa From Upstairs ~ Photo Essay in the next Days

Hey Folks, Putting together some ideas, finally have some time for photography indeed, my Triple is in the shop doing its brakes and now is time for some light hunting, my plan is to photograph West Tampa from Upstairs. Already have to locations for this shots, hopefully weather going to be OK next week. so, […]

My Film Adventures

Returning from photographing DT, and waiting for a green light, i saw this beautiful reflection from one of the building located in Riverview, with my Nikon F100 and Sigma 24-70mm Macro i did take this picture, i stop in the corner and do not hesitate in stopping the traffic, the picture came very good, of […]