Sun ‘N Fun Air Show, Round 6: The End!

Hello Folks; This is the last round of entries, The End for the Sun ‘N Dun Event hold last weekend over Lakeland FL, this year, even with the terrible storm that hit the place, the hydraulics issues in the F-22, and the wet ground this sow was a Must Being There! in my humble opinion. […]

Sun ‘N Fun Air Show, Round 5: Meet Panchito ~ The B-25 Bomber

Hey Guys; Another round of my visit to Sun ‘N Fun Air Show, this time is the B-25 Bomber Called Panchito: This beautiful, all chromed plane was in site with a veteran pilots. Didn’t see it last year over the MacDill Air Fest, so this time was very exited about it.

Sun ‘N Fun Air Show, Round 4: BW and Smoke Trails

Hey Folks; Since last year MacDill Air Fest, I decided to shot the acrobatic planes and their smoke trails for BW photos the idea came  out when I can not get into the Base cause I was really late and the line of people was so big that I probably have to wait for at […]

Sun ‘N Fun Air Show, Round 3: The Almighty P-51 Mustang

Hello there; I was waiting to process all the pictures for this entry, being my fave plane of all times with the Hawker Hurricane and Spit Fire, The P51 Mustang with the supercharged Merlin Engine is always a very top priority of my photography in any Air Show: What I have to say about this […]

Sun ‘N Fun Air Show, Round 1: The Flag

Hey there, Happy Sunday for those who stay at home and just are surfing the net and reading my blog. This entry is short, the start of the Air Show with the honor to the Flag. By the commentator over the Sun ‘N Fun Air Show, every Air Show in the United States starts with […]

Sun ‘N Fun Air Show, a series that starts now…

Hello There; Today was a long day, I had all sun burned, but happy to have in my catalog a nice set of photos from one of my favorite planes, the F22 Raptor: This baby was the motivation to visit the Air Show, I rather prefer to go the the Air Show at MacDill Air […]