The necessity of a Saturday

I still remember the weeks in my native country (Cuba), fighting with a trade it wasn’t my original career, I have to say I do love do pottery, don’t get me wrong, for seven years I did survive in a place who putted my name in a Black List because of my intentions of abandoning the country (IN A BOAT) using NO LEGAL WAY. Yes this happened to me back in 1997; my name went to a Government Black List who never forgive, and never again will let you work in what I do love most (Computer Science).

Let me return to the week in Cuba OK. The whole week was a busy routine, after completing my daily production in my pottery studio I went every day to my ex-g office to sit my ass in a chair and play a little with a computer, this was a very nice solution to my computer hungry, during this time and working freelance I did develop a great application for a library of the Science Ministry in my province (let me say I never get a penny from this JOB), during a process of staying in this office after 5 o’clock I am not even remember how many time we argued (my ex and I) about going home early, my ex’s job was like DBA (database admin), of course I was being greedy with my time in front of a PC, and really forget (mostly every day) that she (my ex) was spending a whole 8 hours leading with insufficiencies, stupid people, and a system that she really never liked. So now you can count, MANY TO MANY ARGUMENTS, hahaha!

But here is the most important part of this story, what happened when Holy Friday came, the End of The Week, The Go Home for the whole weekend, well, nothing fancy really happen, I was trying to survive every round of the clock, avoiding arguments, being busy reading, BECAUSE WEEKENDS IN CUBA REALLY SUCKS, if you don’t have the resources to make this TWO DAYS count.

Now I have to say that I NEED THE WEEKEND MORE THAN EVER, I’ve become a weekend junkie, an addict to FREEDOM, the wait for that Saturday RIDE that will keep you talking about the whole week, the exit to capture amazing photos. the go to the red Box to grab the weekly new movies, the reviewing my DVR recorded shows, I mean, weekends now are mandatory in my way of life. And let me say you stay busy as a regular job (if you really want of course).

Today is Friday, almost midnight, tomorrow I will be covering Gear Fest 2009 over the Florida State Fairgrounds, Stunt Motorcycles, Bikini Contest, Bike Expo, a lot of “THING TO DO” you know, so again, I will be busy, doing what makes me happy.

See; is good when you’re happy, make everything different, so my advice to you is “do things that makes you happy”, enjoy what you do, I’ll guarantee your life will be like an angel in heaven.



in Camera Slide Show

in Camera Slide Show | During a Weekend, Orlando Universal Theme Park, FLORIDA