Bringing Film flavor to your digital workflow…

Hello there; Happy long Labor Day Weekend, just want to write a few line of technic jeeve java, hate to do that, but I do really love this topic, is about Film, if you follow this blog you can see I am a very hard core Film Cameras collector, have a few to be true, […]

The wicked point of view of your super wide angle lens!

Hello there; First of all Happy Monday :-), hehehe, classy day to suffer the weekend’s hangover, I have none, spent most of the days over Miami, working of course… Well, couple of weeks ago I went to Reeves Motosports for some get together cars enthusiasts event, and thought, Why don’t use my super wide angle […]

Sunshine MX, Fall Brawl…. a New Beginning

Hey there, One just before bed time, last Sunday when remembering 9/11 I went to Sunshine MX over Clearwater,  great event from Barney’s lots of mud on the track and lots of Sun too, got a few thousand of photos that I just post processing now, next time will take a few less, just to […]

Do you Know this place? The Bok Tower

Hello folks; This is Bok Tower. a super place to spend a day, Been there a few time, never get tired of bringing back nice photos. Here is a small gallery from one of my visits: Hope you pay yourself a visit to Bok Sanctuary soon! Cesar Out! Note: Pictures taken with Nikon D300 using […]

Faces… at Dragon Boat Races Inauguration Ceremony

Hello There; Yesterday was a special day here in the City of Tampa, the Inauguration of the World Championship of Dragon Boat racing, took a little bit of time to visit the event and of course get back home with a few photos. I took a few hundreds, now I want to share a few […]

Three Different Bikes with High Speed Sync!

Hey there! Looking into my photo catalog, found this group of photos taken with some friends about 2 years ago, riding the back roads of Eastern Tampa, to be specific around Thonotosassa, the three bikes a Kawasaki Mean Streak, a Honda CBR1000RR 2007 and my Triumph Speed Triple; take a look:

Everglades Nat’l Park Project. Phase 1, The Lake

Hello There! Happy Independence Day!, is Monday 4th of July and just got back from a superb hot and sweaty weekend. Everglades National Park Project with a nature photographer friend Juan Carlos. We left the headquarter about 4:30AM, fuel the FJ and head to Everglades Nat’l Park. nice morning, temperature was nice, NO RAIN!, after […]

East Bay MX… the Newest MX Track in the Tampa Bay Area

Hello! Is Sunday today, and I finally get done all the editing and selection from the shoot out over East Bay MX, love the place, love the track, really cool light and of course, super cool photos. Last Friday, the Round 1 of the Monster Energy Series, friend Brian was telling me about the place, […]

Alley Cats over South Beach FL….

Hey there; About 4 months ago I was over Sin City (I call Miami, Sin City) getting ready to travel to Paradise Lost, so decide to go for a walk over the Well Named SOUTH BEACH!, that day  I went to the Peter Lik Gallery, walk over all the good businesses in  Lincoln Rd, walk […]

Camagüey, in Miniature…

Hey Guys; This one is from Paradise Lost. In my last trip over I spent like two days over Camaguey visiting my buddy Oscar, in our walk around we stopped by the Model Of the City Of Camaguey, a very funny thing happened, when entering/visiting the Model Building, you have to pay a entry fee […]

Frantic… Too Fast, your camera shutter can’t keep up!

Hello there; Went last weekend to Dade City MX, had a blast, this photos below are close to the life of the LIGHT, yes, after this you can practically do nothing; but at least you return home with some funny effects;

It was cold…. Down there at Cypress Point!

Hello there; Today was one this days, you just wanna go home after work and seat in front of your TV to start watching the 6 o’clock news. But wait!, how about having your camera with you (one), wanting to shoot (second) and a Sun going to sleep telling you; come on now…. use your […]

On the run… shooting from a moving Car…

Hey guys; In my last trip to Cuba I spent a day in my old town (Camaguey) and in my way back to my parents house caught some shots, I was on the move, but got a few interesting photographs that I want to share, take a look;