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Hello There!

..when nature calls, you answer, I have to say, what a wonderful weekend, Memorial Weekend. I spent the whole long weekend over Fisheating Creek Outpost, near to Okeechobee and Palmdale, a very good company from Miami, Juan Carlos Aguero (check his blog here), and Roberto Puertas ((FB Profile Here), now let me show you the map, and the amount of photos, thanks to LR 4 Map Module, I have to say, this time Adobe, you figured it out!!!!

Well have to say the weekend was perfect, hopefully no rain at all, now was very hot and soupy, the humidity was over the limits, but hey!, this is Florida, what are you waiting for…..

The Team, Juan Carlos and Roberto form Miami, myself from Tampa, very good team to embrace the weekend, take a look:

In this location the water level should around 4 feet, if you can see, there are not even a inch of it, so sad, we found the levels were sol low, that we have to camp one mile before our original destination, the Memorial Tree, this is so wrong usually you find this information over the Outpost website, but this time NONE, looks like somebody sip all the water. Continue Reading

Hello guys;

Last week my office went to play golf, the 4th Annual Golf Tournament, great event for a great cause, went shooting after a surgery, feeling o’right, had the time to snap good photos.

This is a small selection:

[nggallery id=9]

Love shooting golf, amazing swings, and the green, can’t forget the green. For more information about this tournament look at the Housing Authority Website (click to navigate)

Keep playing Golf,

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700/D300 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film

Hello Guys;

Last Friday 9-23 went straight from the office to the East Bay MX track for some motocross action photography, Monster Series of races continues over there, just want to say, What a Night!!!!, three Monster Energy Drink make me fell like Clark Kent, one more and I assure you I can fly, uffff, lot of ENERGY.

Light was great, as usual over the place, sun sets over the west part (Duhh) and because of this is perfect for photos, take a look:

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Hello there;

This one is a little out of date, but wanna share because is cool, a walk around during the inauguration of the Dragon Boats World Championship held here in Tampa, the place! Curtis Hixon Park over Downtown. Take a Look:

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Well, Hello;

Is time for Phase 3, Anhinga Trail, very interesting place, have to say, the sound/roaring of the gators impressed the shit out of me, damn animals, so cool, Mama Gators were taking care of the small ones, or just in the process of having more, the point is, all the roaring and funny sound really is something

The place is amazing, about a mile long, it will take you to the middle of the Big Swamp right away, during the walk we got some good shot, a guy, when he was getting out, was telling us about the grasshoppers, well, there were all over the place, but in the WRONG location, so the changes of getting good photos were little one.

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Hello there;

Just when we were leaving the Little Lake, we stopped by this place, a short trail with a few Liguus Fasciatus, we dedicated a few minutes to capture a few shots,  the snails were around, but not the way we wanted, a few only to be honest, so here are the results:

By using the speed light I did get more details, take a look at the mosquitoes in the second photo, they were every where:

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Hey there,

I have to say that Travel Photography is ONE of my favorite way to express my photographic needs, is so rich in so many aspects that you just can’t stop shooting when traveling. In order for me to tell the history, yes you have to tell the history behind your trip!, I putted together a little list, exactly 10 Point check list!, to wrap everything and return back home with better travel photos, let me show you:

  1. Start Establishing your Location: This photo tells the viewer exactly where you are; nothing ambiguous, but your viewers will know exactly where you been,
  2. I create an Overview: From high or from far, will tell you about the place,
  3. Take Night Views: Landscapes at dusk, city lights, the city at night by itself will talk to you, is amazing,
  4. Locate Famous Landmarks: OK, just imaging going to NY and not getting a photo of the Flat Iron Building!,
  5. Capture Events, Parades, Festivals: If you plan your travel in advanced this point will came handy, try to plan your trip with in the middle of local events,
  6. Capture Local Daily Life: The most important point in my list, in my opinion! show the world what people in this place do, the manners, you will add a very personal touch to your photography,
  7. Look for Local Oddities: Another way to tell the history,
  8. Let’s talk about Street Scenes: A very important point, this one will show details in the architecture of your destination,
  9. Capture Street Furniture and Details: Going from the wide details to the minimum, this details will put magic in your photos, and….
  10. Go to the Market: There’s always a market somewhere!, in my travels to Cuba I have to say that always try to go to the Market, is a magic place.

Here some examples:

Well guys, hope you enjoy my little system, now apply to your next trip and let me know how it was!

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D300/D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar UDMA Professional Digital Film

Hello There!

Happy Spring and Easter Weekend!, today, as a good saturday, a beautiful day, went out with camera in hand, heading to Skyway Bridge Fishing Pier, my cousin was visiting from Jacksonville and after a great night before over the newest Motocross Track in the Tampa bay Are, I was asking for more photography.

I always enjoy going to that area of the Bay, that bridge is just stunning, majestic!, after a few hours over, NO FISH in the net, no fish on the hook, so time to retreat. Cousin and friends were there since 1AM Saturday, they were really tired.

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