Classic Cameras Friday! Asahi Pentax ME-F ~ 1981

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Hello there! This friday a very good machine, a fave of mine, the Asahi Pentax ME-F, the first mass produced auto-focus camera, here some facts: First mass-produced autofocus 35mm SLR $994 with 35mm-70mm f2.8 zoom in 1981 ($2384 in 2010 dollars) The Pentax ME-F was the first mass-produced autofocus 35mm SLR–as long as you had […]


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Hello there! Just a quick post, will be soon posting about this classic machines, and film photography. Until then… sayonara… Now time to go horizontal. Cesar Out!

Classic Cameras Friday! Olympus 35RC ~ 1970

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Hello, and Happy Friday! Another Master piece, the Olympus 35RC, have a Canon Canonet like this one, need some work, will do and post photos later, enjoy! One of the smallest 35mm automatic/manual rangefinders $100 with f2.8 lens in 1970 ($562 in 2010 dollars) To quote the Olympus corporate history site: “Known as ‘Richard,’ the […]

Classic Cameras Friday! Topcon Auto 100 – 1964

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Hello there! Happy friday! time to hit the weekend, here is an very cool entry, the first camera offering Through the Lens Metering, the Topcon Auto 100, here some facts: First SLR with automatic through-the-lens metering $160 with f2 lens in 1965 ($1108 in 2010 dollars) The Topcon RE Super, introduced in 1963, was the […]

Classic Cameras Friday! Revere Eye-Matic EE127 – 1959

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Hello there; It’s Friday, time for some Classic Camera. Today I want to show you the Revere Eye-Matic EE 127 from 1959, here some facts: Second inexpensive auto-exposure still camera $139.50 in 1959 ($1045 in 2010 dollars) This was the second of the auto-exposure cameras introduced in 1959. Revere, like Bell & Howell, had perfected […]

Classic Cameras Friday! Kodak 35RF – 1940

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Hello there! Is friday, take a look of this beauty! the Kodak 35 RF, the First American Built 35mm camera, here some facts: First 35mm Kodak made in US $48 in 1940 ($748 in 2010 dollars) The Kodak 35 was the first US-made Kodak 35mm; this is the RF version, which came out in 1940. […]

Classic Cameras Friday! Asahi Pentax Spotmatic ~ 1964

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Hello there; I am back with our Classic Cameras Friday, today I will show you a nice SLR, the Pentax Spotmatic, have one in version F, enjoy! First Pentax with through-the-lens metering $299.50 with f1.4 lens in 1965 ($2073 in 2010 dollars) Pentax showed a prototype through-the-lens (TTL) metering SLR in 1960 that really did […]

Classic Cameras Friday! Univex Mercury 1938

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Hello readers, This time, a very unique machine, the Univex Mercury, a half frame camera made right here in the United States, take a look at the facts: Early half-frame circular-shutter 35mm US-made camera $25 in 1939 ($392 in 2010 dollars) The Mercury is notable for the semi-circular housing that holds its large, circular shutter. […]

Classic Cameras Friday! Polaroid Model 95 ~ 1948

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Hello guys, Is Friday already and here I am with the delivery for today, the Polaroid Model 95 from 1948, here some facts, enjoy: First instant-picture camera $89.75 in 1948 ($812 in 2010 dollars) This is the first Polaroid, Model 95, and the first of those, as it has the spring-post viewfinder, later replaced with […]

Classic Cameras Friday! Kodak Ektra – 1941

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The Great Kodak Ektra – 1941, here some facts: Kodak world-class rangefinder made in the USA $373.50 with 50mm f1.9 lens in 1941 ($5540 in 2010 dollars) Kodak’s best-known quality 35mm rangefinders were the Retinas, first introduced in 1937. They were made in Germany by a division that Kodak had acquired with the purchase of […]