Camagüey, in Miniature…

Hey Guys; This one is from Paradise Lost. In my last trip over I spent like two days over Camaguey visiting my buddy Oscar, in our walk around we stopped by the Model Of the City Of Camaguey, a very funny thing happened, when entering/visiting the Model Building, you have to pay a entry fee […]

On the move, from a car, RURAL Views

Hello there, TGIF! right Well I am here to show you around places over Paradise Lost, yes is the road that goes from Camagüey (main City) to Nuevitas….. (this one is not that bug -laughing-), in my last visit capture some photos, light was kind of hard about 2 PM, very white, and on the […]

Teatro Principal… Camagüey, CUBA

Hello There; This is Teatro Principal, one of the iconic places of the City of Camagüey, too many rock concerts here, remember shooting for local bands and having a blast of fun, now after many years the building still keep the same colors, the same smell, and the same people working on it, here some […]

Plaza Del Carmen… In Camagüey

Hello There! What a great Monday, all wet and windy!, well after all wasn’t that bad for me, have in my possession a classic Canon AE-1 that I will testing soon, but the porpoise of this entry was not all that, was to talk about a place in Camagüey, CUBA called La Plaza Del Carmen […]

San Juan De Dios Square, in BW…

Hello there; In my last visit to Cuba, and always wanted to visit the San Juan De Dios Square (Plaza San Juan De Dios in Spanish) to grab some pictures in BW, well, this time I was lucky to have a nice and clear sky, and of course the buildings around were just amazing, the […]

Walking the streets of Camagüey…

Hello There; If you came from Camagüey, you would love this photographs… A few hours walk around the City, Ciudad de Los Tinajones, is the way is called in Cuba, just enjoy!

After a week out, a comeback with goodies…

Hello there; Happy to be back from Paradise Lost (went to cuba to visit relatives), have to say this time there are not Happy Recovery, my visit to Camaguey was a GO!, here want to show you a sneak peak of what is coming soon, working in digital darkroom and organizing collections: More to come […]

Horses and More…. The life of an Equus over Paradise Lost

Here there, Almost 1:00 AM and want to close with a little “experience” before bed time ~ The life of a Horse over Paradise Lost (Cuba). this is sometime heart breaking, but horses are animals over the island that save the day for any cubans every day providing transportation, or just as a tool to […]

Filling the Frame…

I’m constantly amazed by how the most simple photography techniques produce the most effective results. One such lesson that I always start with friend interested in photography off with is among the simplest you’ll ever find: Fill your Frame Time and time again I’m approached by people to look at their photos and time and […]

Camaguey, CUBA… a Happy Recovery!

Hey Folks, this collection of pictures from my hometown in Cuba, Camaguey, was a happy recovery, I can say that more than ever I do recommend Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, I did recover this photos from the thumbnails that the software create, and with a 24″ monitor, you can work your magic, I do know I […]

Feauturing a Friend… a Photographer, Nasquisev Rodriguez

This is another sad story, my friend Nasquisev is a camera man for the local TV station and an Award Winning Photog in my local town, the sad part of this is that until April 18, this man doesn’t have a Camera to capture amazing shot as usual, well I bought a Sony DSC-H2 and […]

A Paradise Lost…. Series of Travel Photography ~ CUBA

Have been a few weeks since my last post folks, have to go to Cuba to visit my relatives and family, I don’t really want to talk about the trip because was just like visiting HELL, an horrendous HEAT WAVE, temperatures about 100F in the shade, migraine related to the hot conditions and many more […]