The Marina…

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Hello Again; Months ago, I did visit Cuba, after two years, everything was really sad, I did comment before (read here) how bad it was, well, I had to say that I am going to be posting for several time, pieces of that visit, the ones that bring happiness in that 2 weeks in hell. […]

CrashMattB and I really crashed Downtown…

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Hey Folks, Wednesday night, time for photography, my buddy Matt Barnes is in Town spending holidays, we’ve been talking about a photowalk since las Scott Kelby Photo Walk, and now is when we had the chance and time to do it, night shots, some during twilight, to tell the truth, we crashed downtown Tampa, here […]

The necessity of a Saturday

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I still remember the weeks in my native country (Cuba), fighting with a trade it wasn’t my original career, I have to say I do love do pottery, don’t get me wrong, for seven years I did survive in a place who putted my name in a Black List because of my intentions of abandoning […]

The Iron Courtain of the Press in CUBA

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We lost A FEW persons this week, I think in my opinion Important People, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, etc, BUT the really shocking NEW is that after reading the Online Newspapers in CuBA, no one until a minute ago say ANITHING about this, is all about Castro’s REFLEXIONES……, oh boy is just gross, now with […]

D is in Town…..

Posted · Add Comment is the new show/internet TV from Kelby Media Group, I really discovered this website reading in Matt Klowskosky Blog and decide to visit, well my point is this, last show this guys talked about LENS, what is DX, FX, what lens to use, don’t get me wrong America, but this is my question, Why […]