… happiness not always prevail!

Happy Sunday folks; This is a quick comeback after many light-years of traveling to this marvelous universe (work is whipping my back, the true story behind my absence)  and guest what?… when I thought everything gonna be back to normal…. a crash in the intergalactic engines… Yeah… about three weeks ago when for photos with […]

Miami DT on Film…

Hello there; Last 4th of July weekend in my short visit to Miami (family related visit) stop by the Bayside area in DT Miami, using my new Canon A-1 and the Canon FD 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens snap some photos, pretty cool indeed, cause the fisheye lens it’s a lot of fun to shoot with, […]

Everglades Nat’l Park Project, The BWs…

Hello there; During the visit to Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve, I was testing my new Canon A-1 Film Camera, can’t say enough, look at the results: The camera worked pretty damn good! and I am very happy with it! Have a great night, all stars baseball game next! Cesar Out Note: Photos taken with Canon […]

A new Addition… for my Film Arsenal.

Hey There; Today I picked up a new machine, Nikon FM-10, a simple mechanical camera, and on e telephoto Tamron 75-300mm f/4-5.6 LD Macro. Just completing the film arsenal I always wanted this little camera, now with the F100 have a full bread pro level film camera and a nice manual one to remember the […]

Taking Better Photographs around the Water

Certain environments lend themselves as better photographic subjects than others. The waterfront is one such environment, whether it’s the vast oceans, calm bays, lazy rivers or busy harbors. So the next time you find yourself and your camera on the waterfront—at a marina, pier or shoreline, follow a few simple tips to get great photographs. […]

Which NIKKOR Lens Type is Right for Your D-SLR?

Hello there! Reading about all of the different lens types and abbreviations might be a bit overwhelming, so we’ll try to simplify this as much as possible. You’re interested in one of the latest NIKKOR lenses, but aren’t sure if it will work with your camera. Well, there’s an easy way to know—by checking the […]

WR250R… Its all about Fun.

Hello guys; For those who like motorcycles, this is my buddy Mike’s WR250R, super cool bike and tons of fun on the road: Next day we went for for a ride, St Pete and around, here with a Husqy 610 and more WRs:   Light  conditions were perfect that day, here is the rest of […]

Tips for Using Your Pop-up Flash

From Nikon Learn & Explore The pop-up flash on many of today’s Nikon digital cameras is a wonderful feature. You no longer have to worry about having an accessory flash with you when you’re out shooting. Need a little fill flash to brighten a face on a sunny day? Can’t get the shot because there’s […]

Do you know what i-TTL stands for?

Nikon’s i-TTL (intelligent through-the-lens) Balanced Fill-Flash automatically balances the output of the Nikon Speedlight and the scene’s ambient light. Immediately before the main flash goes off, the Speedlight fires a series of monitor pre-flashes, which convey Information about the scene’s lighting to the camera. Combined with information from the camera’s 3D Color Matrix metering system, […]

Bracketing: The Creative Insurance Policy

From Nikon Learn & Explore Site Once upon a time—in the days when we shot film—bracketing was an insurance policy. It was a technique we learned from professional photographers, and they did it because it was their business to come back with the shot every time, no excuses. So when they faced tricky lighting conditions […]

Using slow shutter speed….

Hey Folks; I don’t know if you ever watch the Joe Macnally video about grabbing your camera? well this is a way to refresh your memory: Here’s a neat tip for digital photographers trying to shoot at slow shutter speeds without image-stabilized (IS or VR) lenses. Actually, it can even be helpful for those using […]