…en la Bahia de Manzanillo!

Hello friends; Being a little busy and away from writing, today want to share some photos from a beautiful city over Cuba called Manzanillo, this city is located over the east zone and has a nice Caribbean Sea view. Never been there before we spend a good day over together with my brother and sister […]

Time to Save my vacation time…

Hello there, Weather is getting pretty good, actually the weekend gonna be really nice, actually I didn’t try to get Paul Dellegatto out of business hehehee, I just repeating what he said…. well get back to photo talk, this time wanna talk about a nice event that happened to me in my last trip to […]

La Gran Piedra… High in altitude and stunning views

Nice Sunday afternoon! I am so happy I have so much media to share from my last trip to Cuba, I can say until now the best trip to Paradise Lost until now, exploring the east part this time, in special the City of Santiago de Cuba, nothing crazy cause I was with friends, nice […]

Santuario del Cobre, Under Construction.

Hello and Happy weekend! In my last visit to Paradise Lost, went into a east trip to Santiago De Cuba, a very hot part (I mean hot weather, hotter than the normal parts of the island), really wanna spend some good time with friend and girlfriend. Before getting to the city I decide to stop […]

Fighting for Freedom has it origins… La Demajagua

Hello friends; This is a very CUBAN post, this place (La Demajagua National Monument) is the origins of the fight for Cuban Freedom, back in 1868 a rich Cuban sugar mill owner called Carlos Manuel de Céspedez offered freedom to all his slaves who wanted to join him in a fight against the Spanish Conquistador!. […]

Old Locomotive, American Made… on display

Hello there! Is a day off for me today, Christmas is around the corner and because of that. Merry Christmas to all of you, hope your Christmas wishes are underneath the tree, your camera gear wish list had been listen but somebody and Sunday morning when you open your boxes you can find there your […]

Vantage Point…

Hello, there! This is a kind of techy post, really don’t like to much to do this, but always you are in the middle of a technicality, we are talking about vantage points, for many years millions of photographs are taken  from the same vantage point, about 6 to 8 feet above ground, this is the […]

San Pedro De La Roca ~ Morro de Santiago de Cuba

Hello there friends; What can I say about this superb place I did visit in my trip to Cuba, San Pedro de la Roca, el Morro de Santiago de Cuba, ( read Wikipedia entry here ), again, in my 32 years living in Cuba, never had the chance to visit this place, located over Santiago […]

Enter to the Prehistoric Valley…

Hello folks; If like dinosaurs, you gonna love this BIG gallery, the Prehistoric Valley (Valle de la Preshistoria in spanish) is a place over Santiago de Cuba, built many years ago, never had the time to visit when living over there, so this time spent a good quality time checking all the places inside the […]

Laguna Baconao…a reached goal!

Hello there! I am enjoying this post already, for many years I wanted to visit this place in Cuba, is Called Parque Nacional Baconao (Baconao National Park) Baconao is an indian name, the history says he was a little indian, who lived over this area, when the conquistador came to the new world. (Read the […]


Hello readers; After my trip to Cuba, want to share a little compilation of portraits I did during my time over, let’s start now: This dude was in Santiago de Cuba, I was buying some water in this store when found the guy, of course didn’t hesitate in asking for a photo, pretty awesome to […]