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This is the Kodak Bullet Camera from 1936 a very Art Deco Machine! enjoy

  • Art Deco design by Walter Dorwin Teague
  • $2.75 in 1936 ($43 in 2010 dollars)

Formally known as the Eastman Bullet Camera. Takes 127 film. Lens screws in and out for compactness.

Hasta Mañana!

Cesar Out

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2 Responses to Classic Cameras Friday! Kodak Bullet Camera ~ 1936

  1. Kim Floyd says:

    I have this camera and would like to sell it , on the box it says #139 Rochester , New York . Bullit Camera Picture size 1 5/8 x 2 1/2 Made in USA . What would it be worth today ?

    • Kim, today prices over eBay are around 30 – 50 USD, for the Black Art Deco Kodak Bullet Cameras. This one is a nice piece of history, i would like to recommend IF you like cameras, don’t sell it, keep it!

      Have a wonderful and beautiful weekend!


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