Sun ‘N Fun Air Show, a series that starts now…

Hello There;

Today was a long day, I had all sun burned, but happy to have in my catalog a nice set of photos from one of my favorite planes, the F22 Raptor:

This baby was the motivation to visit the Air Show, I rather prefer to go the the Air Show at MacDill Air Force Base, but this year was moved to November, so going to Lakeland wasn’t an option.

The parking was a bitch, lots of cars, had to park over a mile and a half of the Museum, then the wet ground, everything was wet because the rain/storm/destruction of the las cold front, can’t capture the destruction cause the cameras were inside the Dry Zone and the trafic going into the event was bad too.

By half of the demonstration, the plane had a technical problem, and had to land, we missed the whole deal, well, at least we had like 10 min of pure demonstration of power.

Here is the rest of the photos. Hope you enjoy;

Now time to rest,

Cesar Out.

Notes: Pictures taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 HSM DG EX Macro On Lexar UDMA Professional Digital Film