Welcome Fishermen, Hunters and Other Liars… Visit to Bass Pro Shop Orlando

Hey Folks,

I don’t know if you always dream about going to a place where you always want id to be?, well this happened to me yesterday at Bass Pro Shop in Orlando, the Safe Heave for Outdoor Enthusiast, Hunters, Fishermen, and of course… Other Liars.

Well, have to go to Orlando to meet with my cousin Bill, deliver a rifle, and just hang out, so we decide to go for shopping, first stop Walmart, for a cover for my rifle, then Bass Pro Shop, readers, I was so impressed with this store that I didn’t stop saying wow!

Everything you can imaging, related to outdoors and staying cool!, yeah even the apparel there is cool, hats, pans (ohh, let me tell you this!, Dexter pants, you can find them there!, just for you to know), shoes, boots ( oh boy boots, any kind, Good Stuff ) so I think is good to share this, so if you planning in going to Orlando, just stop by and take a look, you will enjoy the whole tour!

Now time for some graphic memories, hope you enjoy!

Ok folks, time to go, tomorrow is a working day!

Hope you had a great Holidays.

Cesar Out!

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