Sunrise, Light and Balloons…

Hello Folks and Good Monday;

Today wasn’t a normal day for me in the Office, well I have to say, the last week was crazy, but you survive, of course you will. Well the topic for today is about balloons and light in the sunset of Florida, friend of mine and partner at the Office send me three gorgeous photographs about balloons, man, I have to say to him

– “… Mike bro, I have to post this ones over my Blog, no question ask…”

and he agreed, of course, no more talking-talking, time for a good medicine for your sore eyes:

See, I bet you’re calling the somebody right now to see this photos, I’m still call myself and stare at this again and again.

Hope Monday is going good for you.

Note: photograph taken with Fuji FinePix Point & Shoot Camera.

Cesar Out