A Paradise Lost…. Series of Travel Photography ~ Hombre y El Gallo

Hello folks,

this is kind a sad story, during my recent trip to Cuba, I went to Camaguey, the main city in my province, to spent some time with my childhood friends and visit the place i grew up, well I ending with a big rain, walking like 10 miles and DELETING A COMPLETE FOLDER OF PICTURES, 260 .NEF Files to be exactly,

Well thanks to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, I did save some of the pictures (using a trick to capture the thumbnails). Images are not great in quality because i produced it from jpg screen shots, so at least I can show you this amazing character, I call him “Hombre y El Gallo” (Man and The Chicken), because this dude was walking all over a main Plaza in Camaguey. Well I just don’t want to tell you anymore, just watch this shots and enjoy.


Hombre Y El Gallo

Well this guy, like i said before, was walking with this chicken in the shoulder, keep reading,

Hombre Y el Gallo Walking

Hombre Y El Gallo Walking

I love this shot, the motion blur is really cool,

Hombre Y el Gallo, Portrait

Hombre Y El Gallo, Portrait

I can’t wait, I called the dude to take his picture, he agreed without hesitation,

Hombre Y el Gallo, Close Up

Hombre Y El Gallo, Close Up

And now a little close up for the Chicken,


EL Gallo ~ Chicken

I have to say I comeback happy to my buddy’s house, this pictures really went pretty well, With the deletion of the NEF files, well I have to live with that.

hope you have a great weekend, i am going to try to go out and capture some shot, I want to use my F100, let see what the weekend bring me.