Start Using Windows Live Write …. but…..

Hey Folks;

Today I updated my PC with Windows 7, I know, kind of weir, but after all the dot Net Development that does not runs on Macs, I have to use a PC.

Well, at least Live Writer is Helping Me to update my blog, I just want to test this feature, and post some pictures from a weekend ride/photo shoot:


Speed Triple and Honda CBR1000RR
Speed Triple and Honda CBR1000RR


The Owners
The Owners
Now time to go Horizontal.

Happy Light Hunting


p.s. I have to say that the software didn’t work, can’t load the pictures to the blog, so, this mean I can only publish text entries (NO PICTURES) AND, if I want to add any image, comeback to the browser and do it here. Kinda of suck, REALLY!.