HDR Monday, meetup with results….

Hey people who read this,

Yesterday I was over Clearwater Beach at one of the Meet Ups i belong to, well last night subject was HDR, leaving my apartment after office, drove over Clearwater in a demonic traffic, reach Crabby’s Bill over there, ohhh, man, too many people, what can I say!!!, well the problem ended after a Sweet Tea! yeah a sweet tea for the whole night, no food, I don’t wanna be a priest, trust me, but that place was so busy that I really over passed my dinner.

The quorum was amazing, never before saw that many people, the Meet Up leader, Jeff, really a nice guy, very instructive for those who need assistance, and of course, Canon Owner, I was alive, I share with a person i met over there, another Jeff, an IT guy, Nikon shooter, D300 owner, what else can I say!!! Mac User!!!, wow!!!, see I felt good knowing that all the Canon owners going to have some Nikon Response.

Here is my modest HDR image of the Pier 60, trying to make it the more really as I can.

HDR Wannabe

HDR Monday - Meet Up Night at Pier 60 Clearwater Beach, FL

This one is after the HDR sequence:


HDR Monday - Meet Up Night at Pier 60 Clearwater Beach, FL

After we finished the HDR tasks, we moved to the Beach Entrance to catch some lights, here you can see what I am talking about:

Flying Lights

HDR Monday - Meet Up Night at Pier 60 Clearwater Beach, FL

Well, no more to say, I was hungry yesterday, now I am OK, after a yummy lunch I am ready to go back to my office.

Setting Used:
Bracketing: 5 frames, from -0.3 EV to +0.3 EV
ISO Speed: ISO 200
f Stop: f/8
Neutral Density Filter
GP-1 GPS Unit for Position
Manfrotto Tripod

See you readers,


p.s. I am going to add this pictures to my Greater Tampa Bay Area Collection