Finally we did it, the First Ride of the Pack….

Yep readers, we did it, the first ride of the Pack, we put together a riding plan, maps, and suggestions by talking in our office hallway, everybody was looking for Saturday, so today, 8:30AM we met at the Shell Gas Station at Cypress and Dale Mabry, we rode North to Bearss to 41, ate breakfast at the Breakfast Nook and started riding after this, all over Pasco-Hernando Counties, the RIDE was amazing, my Triple never went that fast before!, so I am happy.

Here is the Pack, with the Machines. Hope you like:

The Pack

From Left to Right: MySelf (Speed Triple), Brad (Kawasaki Mean Streak), Leroy (Kawasaki Vulcan), Sharaun's Friend (Busa 2009), Sharaun (Ninja ZX1400), David (Busa 2007), Murphy (V-Rod), Sam (Road King), Sam's son (Sportster), David's Friend (Kawasaki 600)

This other picture was during breakfast:


During the breakfast at Breakfast Nook

The Other Stars, The Machines:

The Machines

The Machines from left to right: Triumph Speed Triple 1050, Kawasaki Mean Streak 1500, Kawasaki Vulcan, Suzuki Hayabusa 1300, Kawasaki Ninja ZX1400, Suzuki Hayabusa 1300, Harley Davidson V-Rod, Harley Davidson Road King, Harley Sportster, Kawasaki 600

Well no more to say, just that I had a great Saturday!!!!

For those who rode today, send me an email to attach the Hi Res Pictures link for download (36 MB, compressed file .ZIP)

Hallelujah to our Machines!!!!

See you readers next time!