The Color Green will change your life, I guaranteed…

Hello there;

Sunday, I was planning a big grooming day for my apartment, my friend Brian called me this morning about some cook out for his wife Kim’s mother. Well, my plan sounded like this,

Going to Plant City, (about 25 min Drive), ride my bike, take some pictures at Brian’s beautiful house, eat, and then come back to my place with my camera full of good stuff,

Well, Mr. Weather was terrible today, 40% chance of rain make my plan dissolve like sugar in the hot water. OK, making this history short, I drove, eat, and OF COURSE put some pictures in my camera.

Today everything was about the Green, after a big raining, I mean BIG, HUGE!!! a lot of water from the sky.. got it…, well after this Mr Sun was so elegant that light was almost touchable. I did capture some shots that I want to share with you here:

Magic of Light

Leaf Profile

Layer of green

The Magic of Water after the Rain

See, green is good, 15 min little shootout, remember bring your camera with you all the time, this going to save you the bad time of missing a good shot.

Now is time to rest, as usual happy light hunting folks,

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Camera used:
Nikon D300
70-200mm f/2.8 AP EX DC HSM
Different developing settings in Lr.

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