The Iron Courtain of the Press in CUBA

We lost A FEW persons this week, I think in my opinion Important People, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, etc, BUT the really shocking NEW is that after reading the Online Newspapers in CuBA, no one until a minute ago say ANITHING about this, is all about Castro’s REFLEXIONES……, oh boy is just gross, now with the problem in Honduras about the Referendum he charge against this country. When we are going to see light!!!, ohhh please let it be as fastest as you can!!!

I am so tired of reading this, now, the sad thing is people in the island living behind the courtain, i was blind for 32 years of my life, now things are different I can see the light.

Cheers everybody, have a great weekend, mine going to be FUNNNNNNNN!!!!!